First Co. is one of the leading companies in import, processing and distribution of chilled and frozen food. We deliver chicken, chilled beef, processed meat, frozen meat, fish and seafood, cheeses, oil, etc.

At First Co., we believe that acting ethically and responsibly is the only right thing to do to grow our business and earn our customers’ confidence.

Our First Co. Code of Conduct has been revised to address changing laws that impact our business. It is designed to provide our employees with specific guidance. All First Co. employees are expected to embrace the principles of our Code.

We have successfully achieved a wide regional market throughout the decades and we are now considered as one of the best of chilled and frozen food importer, processor and distributor.

Our clients vary between wholesalers, restaurants, hotels, etc. that are fully pleased with our good quality and fast service.

We seek consistency, continuous progress and improvement of our factory and advanced machinery along with commitment to customers’ loyalty and satisfaction.